The Spoonbill Generator

Deatiny Shaped By Simpletons

State of action: quite inert       [Apsley ]

Note the silver sheen       [TG ]

But let us first check with Bert       [F ]

Down in Aberdeen       [Apsley ]

He'll need the lending of a shirt       [TG ]

For his is none too clean       [F ]

State of Utah: quite devout       [Beefy ]

Note the Mormon Choir       [F ]

But let's make sure (in case of doubt)       [Beefy ]

Who are dam and sire.       [Will H ]

You see, what this is all about       [F ]

Is how to quench desire       [Beefy ]

State of mind: quite deranged       [will_h ]

Note the purple beard       [F ]

But let us see how life has changed       [Beefy ]

Now that you've turned weird       [F ]

Your features have been rearranged       [Beefy ]

Your hairpiece has been sheared       [F ]

State of grace: quite unearned       [will_h ]

Note the missing space       [F ]

The work undone, the scheme unlearned.       [will_h ]

Broken like a vase       [F ]

A stale tradition justly spurned       [Roland ]

And gone without a trace       [F ]

Contributors: Apsley, TG, F, Beefy, Will H, will_h, Roland.
Poem finished: 16th January 2005 by Apsley.