The Spoonbill Generator

Boredom City

Sherbert, not Opopanax       [Surlaw ]

(The last to own that name),       [Apsley ]

Has never paid the Carpet Tax       [Surlaw ]

In spite of all his Fame       [Apsley ]

He told his friend he 'had a bye'       [Surlaw ]

(He spoke in cricket's lore)       [Apsley ]

And, though it was an outright lie       [Surlaw ]

That she did love him more,       [Apsley ]

He sang it on the rubbish-tip       [Surlaw ]

For all the dogs to hear       [Apsley (or else SBB) ]

And when he gave himself the slip       [Surlaw ]

He drank some lemon beer       [Apsley ]

And scuttled half the ship       [Surlaw ]

The other half became his spouse       [Apsley ]

(the last to hold that post)       [Surlaw ]

And such a famous little mouse       [Apsley ]

Made one gigantic ghost       [Surlaw ]

That spoke to them at once in Erse       [Apsley ]

And once in Japanese       [Surlaw ]

About the contents of its purse       [Apsley ]

And matters such as these.       [Surlaw ]

But they disdained to heed such words       [Apsley ]

And spilt their milk in scorn       [Surlaw ]

To be uptaken by the birds       [Apsley ]

That had not yet been born       [Surlaw ]

Amidst the dreamy curds       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, Apsley (or else SBB).
Poem finished: 16th January 2005 by Roland.