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Stealth For Newfound Cheeses

Broad pretensions, on the board-walk,       [Apsley ]

Cause the milling throng to gape       [Beefy ]

And to moderate their bored talk       [Apsley ]

Ever seeking an escape       [Beefy ]

Beyond the realms of tuile and satin       [Apsley ]

Their pompous scraps of high school latin       [Keith ]

Only manage to annoy       [Beefy ]

The hoi-polloi       [Apsley ]

And one unfortunate little boy       [jm ]

Simple sisters, in the sunlight       [(trad) ]

Shouted, "Pull!", and aimed for clay       [asdf ]

Out to calibrate their sons' sight       [jm ]

Ready for St Saviour's Day       [Beefy ]

Troubled tomboys taste disaster       [Stacy ]

In the cocktails in their hand       [Apsley ]

Never knowing who's the master       [Beefy ]

Who's the drummer in the band       [Apsley ]

Before the fall of night they seek       [Beefy ]

To prey upon the lame and meek       [Apsley ]

Hiding underneath the stairs       [Beefy ]

Interrupted, in their chairs       [Apsley ]

Boorish brothers, in the fireplace       [Beefy ]

Are not very flammable       [F ]

Trying to achieve a higher place       [Beefy ]

With dramatics damnable       [F ]

Good intentions, Hell's own causeway,       [Beefy ]

I see you traipsing down it       [F ]

Engaging in a spot of horseplay       [TG ]

Dunking my cat. Don't drown it!       [F ]

Beneath the seething molten sky       [Beefy ]

A ferrous danger draws your eye       [Kansas Sam ]

A glint of steel, a sense of dread       [will_h ]

Let us hide beneath a bed       [F ]

Nerdy nephews, in the bedroom       [Beefy ]

Eager for a first romance       [will_h ]

Search on e-bay for more head room       [F ]

End up buying underpants       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, Keith, jm, (trad), asdf, Stacy, F, TG, Kansas Sam, will_h.
Poem finished: 15th January 2005 by F.