The Spoonbill Generator

Cycling Behind The Traces

Coded in the final hour       [Roland ]

Was Turing's mournful plea       [Apsley ]

"while(true) { my corpse must nurse a flower }"       [asdf ]

Before he went to C       [Apsley ]

In his diaries someone wrote       [Roland ]

In binary notation       [Beefy ]

A differential asymptote       [Roland ]

To serve as his oration       [Beefy ]

Read as he was laid to rest       [Apsley ]

In neatly-cornered box       [Beefy ]

From Margaret Thatecher's palimpsest       [Apsley ]

Scrubbed clean with ferrous rocks       [Beefy ]

And polished ten times three       [Apsley ]

In base of twenty-seven       [Beefy ]

As used by you and me       [Apsley ]

To speed his course to Heaven       [Beefy ]

St. Peter tried to check their math       [asdf ]

With Turing's books of logs       [Apsley ]

Alas, the poor Archangel hath       [Beefy ]

Poured bismuth on the cogs:       [Apsley ]

Henceforth, all men of Earth, rejoice       [Beefy ]

In differential motion       [Apsley ]

In verity, you have no choice       [Beefy ]

If you'll be spared the ocean       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, asdf, Beefy.
Poem finished: 4th January 2005 by Beefy.