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Albatross, Lie Still

How calmly did th olive branch       [Amy H. ]

Pursue its lonely course       [Beefy ]

Across the lonely cattle-ranch       [Apsley ]

Tho' feeling deep remorse       [Evan ]

No sooner quit the mother tree       [Keith ]

Than from the ground it soared       [Apsley ]

Deadly thoughts of flying free       [Keith ]

Left dangers quite ignored       [Beefy ]

And still the ripe fruit and the branch       [Amy H. ]

Seek earnestly for peace       [Beefy ]

That will not come in our first tranche       [Apsley ]

De vie, but never cease-       [Keith ]

For enmity's a brother still       [Apsley ]

And so it must remain       [Beefy ]

Untill the herd has grazed its fill       [Keith ]

And washed it down the drain       [Apsley ]

Fly on for now, you lovely bough       [Keith ]

Into the realms above       [Beefy ]

And ne'er forget your sacred vow       [jm ]

To be a branch of love       [Apsley ]

And to fly, fly, fly...little branchy       [Anon. ]

Contributors: Amy H., Beefy, Apsley, Evan, Keith, jm, Anon..
Poem finished: 22nd December 2004 by Beefy.