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The Hurricane That Tore Our Beloved Condominium From Its Very Foundation

Behind the bandstand, when we dared       [Roland ]

To venture for a smoke       [TG ]

They tried to make me understand       [Roland ]

That life is but a joke       [TG ]

That, lacking punch in ev'ry line       [Roland ]

And lacking wit to see       [TG ]

'Twas I alone who, woebegone,       [Roland ]

Must go and make the tea       [TG ]

And my position, then as now       [Roland ]

As butler to the band       [TG ]

Held one advantage only, which       [Roland ]

You may not understand       [TG ]

Unless, before some high-flown gig       [Roland ]

You've watched the girls arrive       [Beefy ]

And handed some a backstage pass       [Roland ]

And watched them come alive       [TG ]

The dressing-room, the powdered air       [Roland ]

The feedback from the stage       [TG ]

The aftermaths, the autographs       [Roland ]

The "maestro" in a rage       [Beefy ]

The tempting and the teasing       [Roland ]

The hiding fronm the press       [Beefy ]

The jail-bait all too pleasing       [Roland ]

The outcome, you may guess       [Beefy ]

And so, goodnight from Reading Gaol       [Roland ]

I'll be for a while       [TG ]

Retiring from the public gaze       [Roland ]

Unless I get a file       [TG ]

Concealed within a stick of rock       [Roland ]

Or other sly device       [Beefy ]

If so, be ready for a shock!       [Roland ]

My vengeance won't be nice       [TG ]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Beefy.
Poem finished: 9th December 2004 by Roland.