The Spoonbill Generator

Prone To Tautologies

Of sacred cows and catered sows       [jm ]

We all have had our fill       [Beefy ]

Of feeble hams and beefy lambs       [jm ]

We long for stories still       [Roland ]

Of sordid tales and torrid swales       [F ]

We all feel pretty sick       [Roland ]

Of shaggy rugs and raffish thugs       [F ]

We long to take our pick       [Roland ]

Of trifling herds and high-flinging turds       [jm ]

We'll never hear the end       [Evan ]

Of barking dogs in darkling bogs       [Beefy ]

We long to much offend       [F ]

Of fanciful kinds of quizzical finds       [jm ]

We're sick right up to here       [Beefy ]

It's time we put our stamp on things       [jm ]

Of all those embedded war journalists indebted       [Amy H. ]

To the warp of one-time diplomatic       [loaf ]

Not to mention, hippocratic       [jm ]

Hypochondriacs       [Roland ]

oh the unconvincing vigor nauseated she       [Gail ]

slept until all became clear       [Beefy ]

Contributors: jm, Beefy, Roland, F, Evan, Amy H., loaf, Gail.
Poem finished: 9th December 2004 by Roland.