The Spoonbill Generator

OK, Naysayer

Have you ever rode a Trojan horse?       [F ]

Of course       [Beefy ]

Have you ever paid a Griffin's price?       [Kansas Sam ]

Not twice       [Beefy ]

Have you ever argued with a Sphinx?       [Will ]

Methinks       [Kansas Sam ]

Have you ever faced a Gorgon's stare?       [F ]

Yes: Cher       [Kansas Sam ]

Would you ever hassle a basilisk?       [Will H ]

A risk!       [F ]

Would you dare to face a dragon's breath?       [Beefy ]

Sure death!       [Karin ]

All these mythic creatures must portend       [Beefy ]

The End       [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: F, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Will, Will H, Karin.
Poem finished: 2nd November 2004 by Karin.