The Spoonbill Generator

Massacred By Melting Geology

My foot is stuck; I cannot move       [Ethetran ]

Beyond the crater's rim       [Roland ]

My faithful sidekick's hindmost hoove       [Evan ]

No longer part of him       [Roland ]

With barely thirteen hours left       [Evan ]

Until the evening's chill       [Beefy ]

I hunker down, of hope bereft       [Roland ]

My options next to nil       [F ]

And down below, the lava stirs       [N ]

The earth begins to quake       [F ]

I shudder as it disinters       [ambyr ]

My sidekick starts to wake       [Roland ]

And as the gassy vapours rise       [Beefy ]

Mirage distorts the sun       [Roland ]

I'm contemplating my demise       [Evan ]

But lack the will to run       [Beefy ]

With Vulcan wrath the mountain roars       [Evan ]

The heavens shudder; soon       [Roland ]

The contents of the mountain soars       [Evan ]

And ash obscures the moon       [Roland ]

My sidekick cries, "My God, we're dead!"       [F ]

And shakes his hoary mane       [Roland ]

But I can barely raise my head       [Beefy ]

To utter cries of pain       [Roland ]

And as apocalypse rains down       [F ]

I draw a gasping breath       [Beefy ]

In life, my sidekick wore a frown       [Roland ]

Contrast my grin of death       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Ethetran, Roland, Evan, Beefy, F, N, ambyr.
Poem finished: 22nd October 2004 by F.