The Spoonbill Generator

Clucking Behind The Bicycle Sheds

Charlie the cheerful chicken       [Grayman ]

Had a very shiny nose       [(trad) ]

But when he started to sicken       [F ]

All the young hens came to blows       [Roland ]

Oh, feathers began to fly       [F ]

When he laughed and called them names       [Kansas Sam ]

(Oh, his sense of humor was wry!)       [F ]

And the young hens quit their games       [Roland ]

Regis, the rutting rooster       [F ]

Turned his ankle badly       [Grayman ]

He had to wear a booster       [Beefy ]

And limped about most sadly       [F ]

Oh, feathers began to fly       [(trad) ]

When he groaned and called them whores       [Roland ]

(Oh, they knew it was a bald lie)       [F ]

And he sadly limped outdoors       [Beefy ]

Leon the lurching Leghorn       [Grayman ]

Would crow both loud and strong       [Beefy ]

In a cockfight at Little Big Horn       [F ]

Till old Reynard came along       [Beefy ]

Oh, feathers began to fly       [Grayman ]

When he screamed and called them knaves       [Beefy ]

Oh, how they started to cry       [F ]

When his performance garnered raves       [F ]

Silence consumed the henhouse       [Roland ]

And the moon lit on scenes sad and gory       [Beefy ]

My pen's going back in its penhouse       [Roland ]

And that's the end of the story       [F ]

Contributors: Grayman, (trad), F, Roland, Kansas Sam, Beefy.
Poem finished: 22nd October 2004 by F.