The Spoonbill Generator

His Lady Grammarian

Babbling as the brook in spate,       [Apsley ]

Rupert toed the line       [Surlaw ]

For the herbevore was late       [Apsley ]

And still to reach the garden gate       [Surlaw ]

All tangled up in twine       [Apsley ]

And I was standing by the side of the road       [(trad) ]

A-sitting on a gate       [Rev. C. L. Dodgson ]

And all the while the planets glowed       [Surlaw ]

As Rupert snared another toad       [Apsley ]

To swell his supper-plate       [Surlaw ]

Dylan gargled - with his latest song -       [Apsley ]

Makes me wonder where the rest went wrong       [Surlaw ]

With the cattle? In the field?       [Apsley ]

Siegfried wept in vain       [Surlaw ]

To look upon his shattered shield       [Apsley ]

Quite splintered when, compelled to yield       [Surlaw ]

By heavy, driving rain,       [Apsley ]

He was standing in the depths of the lake       [Surlaw ]

And Uncle Hubert wheeled       [Apsley ]

To see the planets spin and break       [Surlaw ]

As Rupert stabbed a passing snake       [Apsley ]

For reasons unrevealed       [Surlaw ]

Dylan warbled - whilst his recent band       [Apsley ]

Unplugged, threw down their gear, and left the stand       [Surlaw ]

Babbling as the brook in spate,       [Apsley revisited ]

Rupert toed the line       [Surlaw revisited ]

As the herbevore, prostrate,       [Apsley ]

Oblivious to fame and fate       [Surlaw ]

And sniffing from a swine       [Apsley ]

Was spotted, standing in the arch of the sky       [Surlaw ]

As spirals whirled, oblate,       [Apsley ]

To obfuscate the by-and-by       [Surlaw ]

As Rupert lured a hover-fly       [Apsley ]

As garnish for his plate       [Surlaw ]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, (trad), Rev. C. L. Dodgson, Apsley revisited, Surlaw revisited.
Poem finished: 20th October 2004 by Apsley.