The Spoonbill Generator

State-side Transmissions

These distinctions, in the dark,       [Apsley ]

Bring the nub to light       [asdf ]

Make the very essence spark       [Apsley ]

Athwart the wintry night       [Roland ]

And permeate our very whole       [Apsley ]

Both eyes and appetite       [Roland ]

As windows on our very soul       [Apsley ]

Cleansed without regard       [Roland ]

To the needs of our role       [Apsley ]

Bearded as the Pard       [WS ]

May let a gleam of daylight through       [Beefy ]

Where other rays are barred       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, asdf, Roland, WS, Beefy.
Poem finished: 11th October 2004 by Apsley.