The Spoonbill Generator

Outlawed Haiku

This secret haven       [N ]

Of those who seldom surface       [F ]

Is ours, ours alone       [N ]

This clandestine niche       [F ]

Frequented by dilettantes       [N ]

Is snug, exclusive       [F ]

This covert playground       [Karin ]

Where the lonely often play       [F ]

Is warm, inviting       [Karin ]

This void, cul-de-sac       [F ]

A home to misplaced commas       [N ]

Will never be found       [F ]

NO OUTLET - Dead end?       [Will H ]

No U-turns are permitted       [F ]

Stuck here forever       [Grayman ]

Contributors: N, F, Karin, Will H, Grayman.
Poem finished: 6th October 2004 by F.