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Reunions That Plato Forgot

Selected for his miseries       [Surlaw ]

Along th'Appian Way       [Apsley ]

Rhys Jenkins plies his minicab       [Surlaw ]

Most nearly every day       [Apsley ]

You could not claim it glistened       [Surlaw ]

Or that its gears changed smoothly       [Apsley ]

But anyone who listened       [Surlaw ]

Said its tone improved me       [Apsley ]

Thus he glides, the demigod       [Surlaw ]

Who circled thrice the square,       [Apsley ]

Who slew the Palimpsest of Rome       [Roland ]

And laid its nipples bare       [Apsley ]

Who cauterised the Pompous Fish       [Surlaw ]

And riffled through its scales       [Apsley ]

Until the vaults of Heaven burst       [Surlaw ]

And trickled forth a vat of ales       [Apsley ]

Yet gliding is his only skill       [Surlaw ]

About the streets of Roma       [Apsley ]

Where acrid stenches cloud the mind       [Surlaw ]

And make one think of Cromer       [Apsley ]

Where ev'ry other man's a corpse       [Surlaw ]

Who changes gear like Satan       [Apsley ]

In the Pope's own parking-lot       [Surlaw ]

Just north of Market Drayton       [Apsley ]

Thus he glides, that pederast       [Surlaw ]

Whose very death I crave,       [Apsley ]

In vengeance for the catamites       [Surlaw ]

He buried in a cave       [Apsley ]

In oversized pyjamas       [Surlaw ]

That Nero threw away       [Apsley ]

Before the fall of Genghis Khan       [Surlaw ]

(When he had had his day)       [Apsley ]

Envoi       [Surlaw ]

If, to him, you'll give your fare,       [Apsley ]

He shall live without a care       [Surlaw ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, Roland.
Poem finished: 21st September 2004 by Apsley.