The Spoonbill Generator

But For Us And Them

Call me a quack       [Roland ]

But don't turn your back       [Beefy ]

Until you can feel the syringe       [Roland ]

It comes to a point       [Apsley ]

When I can anoint       [Roland ]

This creaky and rusty old hinge       [N ]

Call me a jerk       [F ]

'Cause I drive a Merc       [N ]

Until you feel the lack       [F ]

The poisoned affront       [Roland ]

Of a piggish grunt       [F ]

Contemptible, stupid and slack       [Roland ]

Call me a simp       [F ]

Not a wimp or a gimp       [Roland ]

Unless you're in search of a bruise       [Beefy ]

Smack on the nose       [Roland ]

With rubbery hose       [Beefy ]

What have you got there to lose?       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Apsley, N, F.
Poem finished: 19th September 2004 by F.