The Spoonbill Generator

Epic Oration Looms To Starboard

In time to come, rememb'rance of this hour       [Roland ]

Shall cause all men to pause and solemn stand       [TG ]

Reflecting on the paucity of power       [Roland ]

Whenever real adversity's at hand       [TG ]

And in the spectral pallor of their brows       [Roland ]

And in the downcast gaze of each wan eye       [TG ]

Shall stir the former echo, that doth rouse       [Roland ]

The ghosts of long-dead heroes, by and by       [TG ]

Yet 'til that time, oblivion absolute       [Roland ]

Shall shield the world from horrors none dare name       [TG ]

And curb such thoughts as threaten to pollute       [Roland ]

The cause of those who, with no thought of fame,       [TG ]

Forewent all hint of solace in their quest       [Roland ]

And did what they mought do, and went their way       [Beefy ]

Indifferent to fame's absurd behest       [Roland ]

That we might be together here today       [Beefy ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

When pompous oafs foregather in one place       [TG ]

Their rhetoric's a villainous disgrace       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Beefy.
Poem finished: 17th September 2004 by TG.