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Nothing But The Very Onerous Consumption Of Desire

This rare dark beauty doth my heart inspire       [Apsley ]

While this most pallid harlot damps my lust       [Roland ]

And ginger tresses set my loins afire       [Beefy ]

Until my pounding heart is fit to bust       [Roland ]

For, full of passion, live I yet my life       [Apsley ]

Flames of desire tears me apart       [cin ]

And as they immolate my luckless wife       [Roland ]

I turn my back and go in search of tart       [Beefy ]

But lo! Approaching       [Roland ]

In the gloom       [Beefy ]

Of my room       [Roland ]

Came my certain doom.       [Tara Lynch ]

This apparition makes me doubt my eyes       [Beefy ]

And other senses too, it seems, rebel       [Roland ]

I've been found out       [Ann Conlon ]

This apparition makes me doubt mine ears       [Roland ]

The sounds I hear are not what they appear       [Damaris ]

And so! Regretting       [Allen Ouimet ]

Our persistent bed-wetting       [Roland ]

Soft signifigance through waves of orange light, I awake.       [Lisa Lucarelle ]

For heaven's sake       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Beefy, cin, Tara Lynch, Ann Conlon, Damaris, Allen Ouimet, Lisa Lucarelle.
Poem finished: 16th September 2004 by Beefy.