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Unnecessary Puns As She Grasped Another Cupcake

Her eyes are like a cup of tea       [fester ]

Strong, deep an inner feeling       [cynthia miller ]

More Earl Grey than Darjeeling       [Beefy ]

Gee darling, marry me?       [Roland ]

She looks towards me, from the deck,       [Apsley ]

Whence all but she are fleeing       [(trad?) ]

The unbearable lightness of being       [(trad) ]

With feelings still in check.       [Tara Lynch ]

Her mouth is like a Bakewell tart       [Beefy ]

Three bites is two too many       [Roland ]

And her smile's from Letterkenny       [Apsley ]

Cannae let us part ...       [Roland ]

I feel for her as in a dream       [Apsley ]

Where all but she are weeping       [Roland ]

And the shadows all are sleeping       [Apsley ]

Now how mant tears are in between?       [Ann Conlon ]

Contributors: fester, cynthia miller, Beefy, Roland, Apsley, (trad?), (trad), Tara Lynch, Ann Conlon.
Poem finished: 15th September 2004 by Roland.