The Spoonbill Generator

Not Princeton, Nor Any Other Halls Of Improvement

As with gladness men of old       [(trad) ]

Who, unlike to be so bold,       [Apsley ]

Took to heart the buckskin whip       [Roland ]

Firm of eye and stiff of lip       [Beefy ]

So let us, convinced perhaps       [Roland ]

Don our spurs and leathern chaps       [Beefy ]

If our hauberks let us down       [Roland ]

We don't simply stop and frown -       [Apsley ]

Not for us the sulk, the pout       [Roland ]

Or a sly drink from the spout       [Apsley ]

No! We raise the standard high       [Roland ]

As we march in line to die       [Beefy ]

Thus, as winter's seal is sold       [Roland ]

Unto those who harvest mould,       [Apsley ]

We survey the tundra's sweep       [Roland ]

Firm of eye and loth to weep       [Beefy ]

Not for us the sunken brow       [Roland ]

We are bound for Heaven now!       [Beefy ]

Contributors: (trad), Apsley, Roland, Beefy.
Poem finished: 14th September 2004 by Roland.