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One Apostate Fieldmouse Alone In All Conjecture

Ignorance, in former times       [Roland ]

Led to many dreadful crimes -       [fester ]

Barratry and bigamy       [Beefy ]

Took place with impunity       [fester ]

In each community       [Apsley ]

From Polack to the pygamy       [Roland ]

Few, if any, knew the names       [Apsley ]

Of those who played such dreadful games       [Roland ]

But Jeremy and Josephine       [Apsley ]

Welcomed in the menopause       [Roland ]

By ridding kittens of their claws       [Beefy ]

And gargling Plasticene       [Roland ]

Riddley Walker ruled the waves       [Apsley ]

So, when a codfish misbehaves       [Roland ]

Frippery and flattery       [Beefy ]

Overcome the trawling fleet       [Roland ]

With a tonne of sugar-beet -       [Apsley ]

Collected from the cattery       [Roland ]

Few, if any, knew the cost       [Beefy ]

Of all the haddock that were lost       [Roland ]

But Josephine and Jeremy       [Beefy ]

Turned their backs on mortal sin       [Roland ]

And, immortal, got more in       [Apsley ]

a hurry, quam celerrime ...       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Beefy, Apsley.
Poem finished: 12th September 2004 by Apsley.