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Cheery Thoughts About Society

Biting on a leaden shell, I contemplate my doom       [Apsley ]

Who will shed a tear for me, after I go boom!       [N ]

Not my friends and not my foes, not my kith and kin       [F ]

Not the man they pay to come and harvest all my skin       [Roland ]

Only those whose company you find in dingy bars       [Beefy ]

And wear their beards in complex knots, in mem'ry of Papa's       [Roland ]

Supping on an asphalt broth, I contemplate my fate       [Beefy ]

Of seeing every verse I write becoming reprobate:       [Apsley ]

The unkempt phrase, the dangling clause       [Roland ]

Do mar the comma's timely pause,       [Apsley ]

And metrical anomalies       [Roland ]

Just confuse everyone's phenomenologies       [Apsley ]

Plunging from a precipice, I comtemplate the end       [N ]

Before I die, my diary I really should amend!       [F ]

Things I've said, things I've done, things I should have known       [Beefy ]

Shocking, lurid details of the wild oats I've sown       [Karin ]

And far too many photos of the fields in which they fell       [Roland ]

(Seems "contemplate" is far too hard a word for me to spell)       [N ]

Envoi:       [Apsley ]

Thus when I fail        [Roland ]

As fail I must       [Beefy ]

I lust aright       [Apsley ]

I write for lust       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, N, F, Roland, Beefy, Karin.
Poem finished: 10th September 2004 by F.