The Spoonbill Generator

Left Handed And Concealed In Murky Allusions

Is it such a sin to lust       [N ]

Is it such a crime to yearn       [F ]

Is it evil that I crave       [N ]

Or do I wish to learn       [F ]

The timid are reviled.       [Will_H ]

The outspoken often quelled       [F ]

Is it courage that I crave       [Beefy ]

When my fear has only swelled?       [N ]

Is it sinful to be proud?       [Beefy ]

Or insufferable to strut?       [F ]

Is it honour that I crave       [N ]

My ego's wont to jut       [F ]

The boastful are revered       [Beefy ]

While the meek inherit scorn       [F ]

Is it danger that I crave       [Beefy ]

While those around me mourn?       [N ]

Contributors: N, F, Will_H, Beefy.
Poem finished: 7th September 2004 by F.