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Yeats Upon A Toadstool

Parsimony of the heavens       [Apsley ]

Shan't inspire our pious whim       [Roland ]

Antimony of alchemists       [F ]

Doth not lead us close to Him       [Roland ]

Whose every word brings greater doubt       [Beefy ]

In working such a piece as Man       [Kansas Sam ]

From baser matter, to retort       [Roland ]

That we don't understand The Plan       [Beefy ]

Not that we have not been trying       [Apsley ]

Here beneath the welkin's vault       [Roland ]

Hegemony of hedonists       [Beefy ]

Doth not call us to a halt       [Roland ]

Despite the cliff-edge that's about       [Apsley ]

Whose ev'ry crag the world shall scan       [Roland ]

In making its profound report       [Apsley ]

Shall baffle more than poets can       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, F, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 6th September 2004 by Beefy.