The Spoonbill Generator

Blossom On Most Wintry Afternoons

How blistering your prose, how Jovian your style       [F ]

How withering your wit, how treacherous your guile       [N ]

Gore Vidal and Mencken       [F ]

Could only watch and smile       [Beefy ]

How piercing your thoughts, how consummate your skill       [N ]

How acid-tipped your barbs, how razor-sharp your quill       [Beefy ]

D. Parker and Voltaire       [F ]

Your shoes, they could not fill       [N ]

How scorching are your jibes, how caustic your ripostes       [F ]

How desolate the cringing wretch whom your tart pen accosts       [Beefy ]

Sam Goldwyn and Y. Berra       [Kansas Sam ]

Applaud your wintry frosts       [Beefy ]

Contributors: F, N, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 4th September 2004 by F.