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Sages Of Most Definite Hopefulness

Behold!       [trad ]

  And fear not,       [N ]

Thou lugubrious emanation       [Roland ]

Of days gone by       [Beefy ]

And salubrious deeds elided       [Kansas Sam ]

Into countless tales of derring-do       [Beefy ]

Done daringly       [Kansas Sam ]

With cushions       [Apsley ]

Thine hour is past       [Roland ]

In this dark space       [Apsley ]

Thou rebarbative procreation       [Roland ]

Of those unwashed       [F ]

And preposterous gibes unheeded       [Roland ]

By those who count the cost of heroes       [Beefy ]

Gun sparingly       [Roland ]

In fictions       [Beefy ]

Contributors: trad, N, Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Apsley, F.
Poem finished: 3rd September 2004 by Apsley.