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Plans For Nobody

Andromeda, I cry to thee       [N ]

Athwart the leaden hills       [Roland ]

'Cross the lonely parsecs       [N ]

No nebula I see       [Roland ]

O starry night, O universe       [N ]

Oh nation built from mud!       [Roland ]

Please tell me it was not in vain       [Beefy ]

To spill so little blood       [Roland ]

And if your constellation       [N ]

Triangle, or square       [Roland ]

Or even something rather worse       [Beefy ]

Should witness mine oration       [Roland ]

Or suffer with my pain       [Beefy ]

Then this should be my fate:       [N ]

Please tell me it was not in naive       [Roland ]

But forlorn hope I toiled       [Beefy ]

Where only pygmies grieve       [Roland ]

To come at last to this:       [N ]

Andromeda, I cry to thee       [trad ]

Bring solace to mine ills       [Beefy ]

Contributors: N, Roland, Beefy, trad.
Poem finished: 1st September 2004 by N.