The Spoonbill Generator

The Deepest, Darkest Regions Inside My Colon

Whenever I go for a smoke       [N ]

I like to offer a toke       [F ]

They all decline       [N ]

While I recline       [F ]

They think that I'm some kinda joke       [N ]

Whenever I go for a nip       [F ]

I proffer my colleagues a sip       [N ]

They all withdraw       [F ]

They know I'm a bore       [Roland ]

But hey, I still reckon I'm hip       [N ]

And yet ... in depths of the Nile       [Roland ]

I still remain quite vile       [F ]

But that's okay       [N ]

That oft I stray       [F ]

I'm certain I do it in style       [Roland ]

Contributors: N, F, Roland.
Poem finished: 31st August 2004 by F.