The Spoonbill Generator

Boot Cramp Without Due Cause

Be loyal to your captain, soldier: he was once a man like you       [N ]

Underneath the arches on the road to Kathmandu       [Roland ]

Fighting for his motherland, and charging at his foes       [N ]

With his ornamental nose       [Roland ]

And mud between his toes       [N ]

For once, beyond the Hellespont, with assymmetric arquebus       [Roland ]

He slaughtered all the enemy, and bravely rescued all of us       [N ]

Fighting for his fatherland, and flailing with his flag       [Roland ]

While drawing on a fag       [Beefy ]

And bolking in his bag       [Roland ]

At Jericho, he stood his ground: his scimitar in hand       [N ]

His firm resolve as walls collapsed was nothing less than grand       [F ]

Fighting for his people, he was hailed a valiant knight       [N ]

With no one left in sight       [F ]

Keeping vigil through the night       [N ]

Contributors: N, Roland, Beefy, F.
Poem finished: 27th August 2004 by F.