The Spoonbill Generator

The Operatic Life

I had a fish named Rusty       [Kansas Sam ]

In my kitchen sink he dwelt       [F ]

His smell was kinda musty       [Beefy ]

His figure was quite svelte       [Kansas Sam ]

I think he was a snapper       [Beefy ]

But I couldn't say for sure.       [Will_H ]

I won him at a funfair       [Beefy ]

At ring toss (I'm the champ)       [F ]

I wept to see just one hair       [Will_H ]

Where whiskers should encamp       [Kansas Sam ]

And yet, he was so dapper       [F ]

my granny was impressed       [Grayman ]

I fed him ale and carrots       [Beefy ]

His colour turned to gold       [Kansas Sam ]

As if a flock of parrots       [Beefy ]

In Sutter's Mill had rolled       [F ]

So shiny, like bling on a rapper       [Karin ]

Mystifyingly, I spoke       [F ]

I lost him on a Monday       [Beefy ]

He swam right out my door       [Karin ]

I hope and pray that one day       [Will_H ]

I'll understand what for       [Beefy ]

'Til then, I'll pout on crapper       [Kansas Sam ]

For everyone to see       [F ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, F, Beefy, Will_H, Grayman, Karin.
Poem finished: 20th August 2004 by Karin.