The Spoonbill Generator

Robbers Never Stopped Us Before Lunch

It started at quarter to one       [TG ]

When Dilys was scarcely abed       [Roland ]

The heat from the sweltering Sun       [TG ]

Had singed quite a hole in her head       [Roland ]

And caused her mascara to run       [TG ]

And melted her necklace of lead       [Roland ]

She dozed off at quarter to two       [TG ]

The heat of the moment was past       [Roland ]

But those who were watching her knew       [TG ]

The margin for error was vast       [Roland ]

They watched as the ceiling turned blue       [TG ]

'Til Dilys was quite overcast       [Roland ]

Time passed; 'twas a quarter to three       [TG ]

And silence pervaded her flat       [Roland ]

Save the sound of a soft-turning key       [TG ]

And the creak of an aristocrat       [Roland ]

Who gazed at her uncovered knee       [TG ]

As he swiftly removed his cravate ...       [Roland ]

She woke at a quarter to four       [TG ]

Half stifled by somebody's weight       [Roland ]

The silence was cracked by a snore       [TG ]

And Dilys began to deflate       [Roland ]

The dinghy she kept by the door       [TG ]

For use when the bath was in spate       [Roland ]

It ended at quarter to five       [TG ]

When Dilys, castrating the fop       [Roland ]

Left him prone, neither dead nor alive       [TG ]

But somewhat impaled on a mop       [Roland ]

The watchers left Dilys to thrive       [TG ]

And everything came to a stop       [Roland ]

Contributors: TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 17th August 2004 by TG.