The Spoonbill Generator

Those Whose Every Movement Counts

I chanced upon a postcard       [Roland ]

And sent it straight away       [TG ]

For fear lest, should I wait too long       [Roland ]

My friends might think I'd gone astray       [TG ]

And spelt their surnames wrong       [Roland ]

I tried to send an email       [TG ]

From Lorna's old machine       [Roland ]

For fear lest, should I try to phone       [TG ]

She'd realise that I had been       [Roland ]

Left far too long alone       [TG ]

Still: if I reach a hundred       [Roland ]

I'll never watch "Big Brother"       [Beefy ]

For fear lest, when my wits decayed       [Roland ]

I'd have no option but to smother       [Beefy ]

All those there displayed       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Beefy.
Poem finished: 16th August 2004 by TG.