The Spoonbill Generator

Fish Remedies For Mischief

Not a feather, nor a leaf,       [Apsley ]

Marks her day of birth       [Roland ]

Though the winter's deepest       [P ]

When one leaves the Earth       [Roland ]

She seems to be a legend       [P ]

But no whit a common thief       [Apsley ]

Not a farthing, nor a ring       [Beefy ]

Shall she get from me       [dkb ]

Though she whimpers softly       [TG ]

When she spills her tea       [dkb ]

I shall wack her bottom       [Jade ]

And hum "God Save The King"       [Beefy ]

Not a sinew, nor a bone       [dkb ]

Mars her perfect poise       [Beefy ]

Though she'll wither sometime       [dkb ]

When she's done with boys       [Beefy ]

And rewritten Tolstoy       [Roland ]

For cello and trombone       [Beefy ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

So, Prince, though leaves and rings and bones       [dkb ]

May leave you cold, her penitence atones       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, P, Beefy, dkb, TG, Jade.
Poem finished: 9th August 2004 by Roland.