The Spoonbill Generator

Patience Is Never Compared To Hopscotch

Is solitaire a virtue?       [Beefy ]

Is auction bridge a vice?       [F ]

You know I'd never hurt you       [Beefy ]

You are so very nice       [F ]

But sometimes, when we're playing       [Beefy ]

I wonder if you cheat.       [will_h ]

And so, My Little Queen of Hearts,       [Kansas Sam ]

I find myself in heat       [F ]

I'd like to strip and squeeze you       [Beefy ]

And shuffle all your cards       [F ]

And if that doesn't please you       [Kansas Sam ]

I'll wear your leotards       [F ]

So tell, you little flirt, you       [Beefy ]

Vixen, oh so sly       [Karin ]

Can you be impromptu?       [F ]

Give fantasy a try?       [Beefy ]

Let's throw away the rule book,       [Will_H ]

Let's cut the deck and then       [F ]

I'll show my hand. . .And you'll look       [Will_H ]

It's fun to have a yen       [F ]

But I only have a euro.       [Will_H ]

Can I ante up with that?       [F ]

You sit there, so demure-o       [Beefy ]

Not giving tit for tat       [F ]

I'm thinking of finessing       [TG ]

Would you like that, sweetie-pie?       [F ]

Oh, please don't leave me guessing.       [Will_H ]

... (he ends here, with a sigh)       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Beefy, F, will_h, Kansas Sam, Karin, TG.
Poem finished: 5th August 2004 by Karin.