The Spoonbill Generator

Bless This Horse With Greatness

The Gryphon, on his rival page       [Maggie R ]

Has quite a lot to say       [Beefy ]

In hopes that he will quite assuage       [Maggie R ]

The grievance caused the other day       [Beefy ]

By Mistress Katie Sage       [Apsley ]

If all her lines are fit to save       [Maggie R ]

Somewhere along the way       [Holly Bean ]

He's sure to curse and misbehave       [Beefy ]

As sly as apes who feign to play       [V+R ]

And cannot themselves save       [Holly Bean ]

Perhaps, if we could purge a line       [V+R ]

And grievances allay       [Holly Bean ]

WeŽd all applaud his new design       [V+R ]

And ask if we could come to pray       [Beefy ]

At Sam's immortal shrine       [Amste R ]

Contributors: Maggie R, Beefy, Apsley, Holly Bean, V+R, Amste R.
Poem finished: 29th July 2004 by Beefy.