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The Tale Of Squabbling Archangels

At first, it seemed an ordinary day       [Beefy ]

With only certain clouds a little red       [Roland ]

When down the lane appeared a stranger's form       [Beefy ]

Whose body was not fastened to his head       [Roland ]

I knew him by repute, and hailed him thus:       [TG ]

How many days, how many wand'ring hours       [Roland ]

O traveller, have led you to this place?       [Beefy ]

Or have you been invoked by Higher Powers?       [Roland ]

The spectre paused, and caused his head to turn       [Beefy ]

Beneath that vivid half-vermilion sky       [Roland ]

Reflected he awhile, and then replied:       [Beefy ]

'Just as my form is not for mortal eye,       [Roland ]

My purpose is beyond mere man's surmise       [TG ]

Beyond the grasp of mammal or machine       [Roland ]

So ask no more'. Then went he on his way       [TG ]

As if he (even I?) had never been       [Roland ]

I often wonder, thinking of that day,       [TG ]

When scarlet was the heavens' only hue       [Roland ]

That, had I known what brought him to our town,       [TG ]

I might have trod some safer avenue       [Roland ]

Or tried to stay him with a softer voice       [TG ]

With gestures more effusive, less direct       [Roland ]

And given us the chance to learn much more       [TG ]

With somewhat less ambiguous effect       [Roland ]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 2nd July 2004 by TG.