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Danish Polka

Bruno's head, a perfect sphere       [Roland ]

Need not much concern us here.       [dkb ]

He bought it second-hand one day       [Ethetran ]

To use in some forgotten play       [Roland ]

He played the part of Krosno Swede       [Apsley ]

The paramour of Ganymede       [Roland ]

The play closed after just one act       [Beefy ]

The playhouse being far from packed       [Roland ]

Bruno, though, grew rich in fruit       [Kansas Sam ]

Every limb a separate shoot       [Roland ]

What of Sylvie, you enquire       [Beefy ]

Posing on her funeral pyre       [Roland ]

She chose to laugh at Bruno's head       [Beefy ]

Seconds later she was dead       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, dkb, Ethetran, Apsley, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 2nd July 2004 by F.