The Spoonbill Generator

The Kiss Cabin

This mouth of salt       [P ]

Confounds each kiss       [Roland ]

With which we press our suit       [Beefy ]

Too hot to halt       [Roland ]

We dare not miss       [Beefy ]

A chamber-maid so cute       [Roland ]

But still we feel       [Beefy ]

The pepper-spray       [Roland ]

Upon our fevered skin       [Beefy ]

And her appeal       [Roland ]

Means, come what may,       [Beefy ]

She'll have to let us in       [Roland ]

These hands of lead       [Beefy ]

Confound each zip       [Roland ]

Adorning Zoë's raiment       [Beefy ]

And on the bed       [Roland ]

Lie cuffs and whip       [Beefy ]

Which she deploys, on payment       [Roland ]

Her nine-inch heels       [(trad) ]

Her mirrored walls       [(trad) ]

The heady scent of musk       [Beefy ]

And as she peels       [Roland ]

The lamplight falls       [Beefy ]

And dreams engulf the dusk       [Anon. ]

Contributors: P, Roland, Beefy, (trad), Anon..
Poem finished: 25th June 2004 by Beefy.