The Spoonbill Generator

Each Dainty Ballerina And Her Imaginary Pilchard

This happy nest has made me cry       [Apsley ]

And hundred times, or more       [Roland ]

But, if you ask the reason why,       [Beefy ]

Beware! for I shall roar,       [Roland ]

And send my thunder from on high       [Beefy ]

To pique the nether globe       [Roland ]

And teach the hoi polloi to try       [Beefy ]

To steal the ruler's robe       [Roland ]

My wrath will quell the stoutest heart       [Beefy ]

And melt the weakest tongue       [Roland ]

And rend the very air apart       [Beefy ]

Till songs remain unsung       [Roland ]

"If you would know what lies within       [Beefy ]

The apostate's delight       [Roland ]

Indulge yourself in sundry sin       [Beefy ]

Nor quench your appetite       [Roland ]

On bird's nest soup nor fin of shark       [Beefy ]

Nor hide of elk or ram       [Roland ]

And cleave ye to the Earth!" I'll bark       [Beefy ]

And you'll reply, "I am!"       [Grayman ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Beefy, Grayman.
Poem finished: 25th June 2004 by Roland.