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Nothing More Tangible For Hillmen

Reticence, the virtue of the fool       [P ]

Whose caution is o'ertaken by his fear       [Roland ]

Of fame; to those who sup with death, a vice       [P ]

More tiresome than the candle in the well       [Roland ]

Of night for him who treads the dark, aflame       [fester ]

With enterprises better talked of low       [Roland ]

In hostelries where every light is dim       [fester ]

This burning, then; this incandescent thread       [Roland ]

Effulgent as a quasar; nevermore       [F ]

Shall dusk be known abaft a haggard Sol       [Kansas Sam ]

slough away this languid mind you nurture       [Jeremiah ]

And brook no more reversals underhand       [Roland ]

Nor fool the nincompoop with shows of trust       [P ]

That better suit the bantam than the bride       [Roland ]

Cool, clear as ice, dwells shame at rainbow's rim       [Beefy ]

Nor shall it thaw, whenas the baleful glare       [Roland ]

In dread awe tolls the future and must ride       [Beefy ]

Beyond old Saturn's arrogant demesnes       [Roland ]

To where a deadly dusk lies -- entropy       [Beefy ]

To quav'ring hearts the sullen remedy       [Roland ]

Will at the end all living things embrace       [Beefy ]

Contributors: P, Roland, fester, F, Kansas Sam, Jeremiah, Beefy.
Poem finished: 16th June 2004 by P.