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Palomar Mentors

Got Venus in my Transit       [Roland ]

Uranus in my yard       [Apsley ]

now that i am buggered       [pan ]

And bearded like the pard       [(trad) ]

I'll surely live to eighty       [P ]

although I eat but lard.       [danny b ]

Got Venus in my Transit       [(trad) ]

'Time to go to Mars       [n2 ]

Now that I'm in clover       [P ]

I'll live among the stars       [l_h ]

In fibrous outer garments       [Roland ]

Which cover all my scars       [P ]

Got Venus in my Transit       [(trad) ]

Neptune up the duff       [Apsley ]

Now that I'm intestate       [Roland ]

I'm feeling slightly rough       [Grayman ]

But no one seems to notice       [P ]

That I am none too tough       [Apsley ]

Then Venus stole my Transit       [Roland ]

And Pluto my old bones       [Apsley ]

Now that I am bankrupt       [Roland ]

They've cut off all the phones       [P ]

That punctuate my slumbers       [Roland ]

In the darkest of the zones       [P ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, pan, (trad), P, danny b, n2, l_h, Grayman.
Poem finished: 14th June 2004 by Roland.