The Spoonbill Generator

In The Seventh Parcel Are Several Businessmen

When pass-the-parcel palls       [Roland ]

A coat of snow soon falls       [Apsley ]

On coot and weasel bland       [Roland ]

Throughout this ravished land       [P ]

With sealing-wax and string       [Roland ]

An envelope will bring       [Anon. ]

A wad of homespun cash       [Kansas Sam ]

To fund our mercy-dash       [Roland ]

How unusual to dream       [Tori ]

Of cabbages and cream       [Kansas Sam ]

To pick one's halting way       [Roland ]

Through germs who'd sneeze the day       [Kansas Sam ]

And then to face the day       [Roland ]

Sell Apsley on e-Bay       [fester ]

Reserving only this:       [Roland ]

We don't guarantee bliss       [fester ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, P, Anon., Kansas Sam, Tori, fester.
Poem finished: 10th June 2004 by Roland.