The Spoonbill Generator

Cautionary Tales For Young Hotshots

How many times must I tell you? [Beefy]

No earwigs are pleasant to taste [Roland]

No matter how often you try them [Beefy]

Alone, or compounded to paste [loaf]

Yet roasted, and grated on ice cream [asdf]

(the same way that worms are prepared) [loaf]

A slug makes a delicate titbit [Beefy]

For diners not easily scared [loaf]

It's vital you make the distinction [Beefy]

'Twixt creatures that creep and that crawl [loaf]

Else the Flock that goes crunch, post-intinction, [Kansas Sam]

Will not prove its worth overall [loaf]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, loaf, asdf, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 29th May 2004 by Anon..