The Spoonbill Generator

We Sold Our Restaurants In Cyprus

Upanishads and Vedic verse [erie]

Are not for such as we [Beefy]

Who, baited by the rabble's curse [(trad)]

Sate charge cards on each spree [Kansas Sam]

For fear of finding something worse [(trad)]

Than baubles brother bourgeoisie [Kansas Sam]

We emulate the tireless nurse [Apsley]

And pray on bended knee [erie]

'Oh spare us our stupidity [Roland]

Sweet Shiva, multi-armed [erie]

Our kisses and cupidity [loaf]

'Tis but ourselves we've harmed [erie]

Uzbekistan and Vegan fare [loaf]

Will cause us to lose weight [erie]

A smidgeon here, a smidgeon there [loaf]

Let's nibble on fish bait [erie]

Until our frames are lean and spare [loaf]

And our spare tires deflate [erie]

Until we cease to care [loaf]

Who only stand and wait [(trad)]

Forgive us our rapacity [loaf]

Athene, ever wise [Beefy]

We'll n'eer reach full capacity [Karin]

And stay our former size [loaf]

Contributors: erie, Beefy, (trad), Kansas Sam, Apsley, Roland, loaf, Karin.
Poem finished: 18th May 2004 by Anon..