The Spoonbill Generator

Calling For A Funicular Tramway Service

While strutting through the quicksand [Roland]

I saw, to my surprise, [TG]

A posy of petunias [Roland]

Of quite prodigous size [TG]

Behind them hid a nannygoat [Roland]

A flounder and a quail [TG]

All balanced on a bowling-ball [Roland]

And thus begins my tale [TG]

It scarcely took a moment [Roland]

To fashion me a stick [TG]

And find a rusting gyroscope [loaf]

And half a trusty brick [TG]

Until it seemed appropriate [Roland]

I would not say a word [TG]

For fear the fish or goat would slip [Roland]

Now, that would be absurd [TG]

When all had been completed [Roland]

I noted, with alarm [TG]

The bell was striking nine o'clock [P]

And all was strangely calm [Roland]

It seemed this was the moment [TG]

To slink away, unseen [Roland]

But, as I turned my head to go [TG]

An arrow split my spleen ... [Roland]

Now, this was really vexing [TG]

To one of slender build [Roland]

I wrote an angry letter to [TG]

Each person that I'd killed [Roland]

I pointed out that recently [TG]

I hadn't felt myself [Roland]

But this was surely no excuse [TG]

to further 'arm my 'elf [ouch]

I hastened from the quicksand [TG]

And soon came home to Kew [Roland]

To tell my tale of bravery [TG]

And doubtful derring-do [Roland]

But when I reached my doorstep [TG]

And rummaged for my key [Roland]

I found, to my immense alarm, [TG]

I'd dropped it in the sea [Roland]

The obvious dilemma [TG]

Eluded me for once [Roland]

I knew that what I had to say [TG]

Would mark me out a dunce [Roland]

I knew I'd lose my audience [TG]

The moment I began [Roland]

I knew then I had but one choice [TG]

And so I turned, and ran ... [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, TG, loaf, P, ouch.
Poem finished: 18th May 2004 by TG.