The Spoonbill Generator

Oversight Of The Acrosticial

When any lowbrow tunesmith offers notes [Beefy]

(By rights it takes two electricians now) [loaf]

Vox populi so often votes [erie]

Making a horrid long earsplitting row [Beefy]

Either let's garotte all reprobates, [Roland]

Or fly from each new beat a chorus hates [Beefy]

When any highbrow poseur proffers goats [erie]

(Oh, view each row! Shall I garotte her, truly?) [loaf]

Or from her eyes remove her motes? [erie]

Maybe a rousing tune is near unruly [loaf]

How astute now, digging every line [erie]

Adds rampant noise on litany divine [loaf]

Contributors: Beefy, loaf, erie, Roland.
Poem finished: 17th May 2004 by Anon..