The Spoonbill Generator

Late Comers To Rollerblades

Which came first, the liver or the wurst? [Beefy ]

I don't know but my stomach just burst [F]

Which shows that the witches were right when they said [Beefy ]

"Curses on those who eat gizzards with bread" [F]

Which was first there, the tortoise or hair? [Grayman]

I think it might have been the grizzly bear [F]

Which all goes to show that you never can tell [Grayman]

Even the owl has his own secret smell [Beefy ]

Which came last, the mizzen or the mast? [erie]

I'm not certain, but it sure got there fast [Beefy ]

Which proves when you sail in a relative way [F]

That the grooves in your stern earn their pay [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: Beefy, F, Grayman, erie, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 1st May 2004 by F.