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Another Red poem commences [Beefy ]

Or so someone in Odense says [Apsley]

But Odenseans like to build fences [Anon.]

And dance by the light of the stars [Beefy ]

For they are a breed of exotics [Apsley]

Begat by a pair of neurotics [Karin]

Who once spent a week in the tropics [Apsley]

Drinking whisky in waterfront bars [dok]

Another Green Goddess advances [Beefy ]

While hayseeds dance their square dances [Anon.]

You have to admire their prances [Grayman]

(If you don't, they'll infect you with SARS) [Erie]

For they're the result of inbreeding [Beefy ]

So familial in their seeding [Anon.]

But look at the books they've been reading [loaf]

With titles like "Venus and Mars" [TG]

Envoi [(trad)]

The Danish are sullen and charmless [dok]

But equally, more or less harmless [Hamlet]

Contributors: Beefy, Apsley, Anon., Karin, dok, ErieGrayman, Erie, loaf, TG, (trad), Hamlet.
Poem finished: 25th April 2004 by Apsley.