The Spoonbill Generator

Spoon Receipt

Such is the demon's lot [Roland]

On the fourth of Sundown [Apsley]

Such is the layman's plot [Beefy ]

All across London [Roland]

See where the lantern glows [Beefy ]

Smoky and spitting [Grayman]

See where the hawthorn grows [Beefy ]

'Gainst darkness pitting [Apsley]

Sorrow is everywhere [Beefy ]

Lining the horizon [loaf]

Sorrow is what we bear [Beefy ]

When we think of Glizon [Apsley]

And when He thinks of us [loaf]

From the very regal heights [Apsley]

He makes so little fuss [loaf]

But just adjusts his tights [Apsley]

That we, in gazing up [loaf]

The passage that leads there, [Apsley]

All overflow our cup [loaf]

And head for the stair [Beefy ]

That never was meant [Apsley]

As punishment [Beefy ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Beefy, Grayman, loaf.
Poem finished: 20th April 2004 by Anon..