The Spoonbill Generator

Rites For Responsible Raisins

My cummerbund was missing [Apsley]

From Aunt Jobiska's line [Surlaw]

When elephants were kissing [Apsley]

And stealing all the wine [loaf]

And those who know me better [Shipp]

Determined to abjure [Surlaw]

My highly fragranced letter [Apsley]

From such a paramour [Surlaw]

For reasons now forgotten [Shipp]

For reasons once so clear [Surlaw]

To those who dress in cotton [Shipp]

To those who sweat in fear [Surlaw]

I'll tell my story drear [Apsley]

In tails and furled umbrella [Surlaw]

I'd hastened from the fair [Apsley]

Aghast at Uri Geller [Surlaw]

And his underwear [Apsley]

When his crooked spooning [Surlaw]

Threw me in a rage [Apsley]

And his bilious crooning [Surlaw]

Did not match his age [Apsley]

For reasons now forsaken [Surlaw]

For reasons once inscribed [Apsley]

For those who ape the Kraken [Surlaw]

For those you once described [Apsley]

I show what I imbibed [Surlaw]

I drank it deep and to the lees [Apsley]

Despite the ebbing tide [Surlaw]

I fell at once upon my knees [Apsley]

And spoke of homicide [Surlaw]

I spoke unto a subtle scribe [Apsley]

In syllables of woe [Surlaw]

I asked him subtly to imbibe [Apsley]

Two drops of H20 [Surlaw]

He shook his head in tragic wise [Apsley]

And shattered the pipette [Surlaw]

Upon his windpipe and his eyes [Apsley]

He dabbed my serviette [Surlaw]

As if to cause me most alarm [Apsley]

As if to still my heart [Surlaw]

As if to draw me to the farm [Apsley]

as if to fill my cart [Surlaw]

He pierced me with a dart [Apsley]

Envoi [Surlaw]

For each impedance, one must match [Apsley]

The voltage of the Bandersnatch [Surlaw]

Match it good! - match it true! [Apsley]

Oh frabjous day Callay, Calloo ... [Surlaw]

Now it's trapped inside our ZOO! [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, loaf, Shipp.
Poem finished: 30th March 2004 by Anon..