The Spoonbill Generator

Somehow Somewhere Leads Nowhere

Would you like to wax my floor? [Anon.]

Only if you lock the door [Beefy ]

Would you like to block my hat? [Karin]

Only if you'll shear my cat [Kansas Sam]

Would you like to sweep my flue? [willh]

Only if you'll clean the loo [F]

Would you like to meet my Mum? [Beefy ]

Only if you'll wipe my bum [Kansas Sam (sorry)]

Shall we leapfrog on the lawn? [F]

Maybe ... has your Mum withdrawn? [Kansas Sam]

Shall we bungee from a cliff? [F]

Not if you'd avoid a tiff [Beefy ]

Shall we do a tit for tat? [F]

Why on earth would you say that? [Beefy ]

Shall we ride my Sit 'N Spin? [Kansas Sam]

Good idea! I'll get the gin [TG]

Can't I have a little sip? [Kansas Sam]

If you'll let me bite your lip [F]

Could I stroke your inner thigh? [Beefy ]

Yes, my dear, by-and-by [F]

May I curl up by your fire? [Beefy ]

Sure, if you can light my pyre [Kansas Sam]

Might we then play "find-my-keys?" [F]

Sir! Decorum, if you please [Beefy ]

Contributors: Anon., Beefy, Karin, Kansas Sam, willh, F, Kansas Sam (sorry), TG.
Poem finished: 30th March 2004 by Anon..